Genetics is the biology that deals with the hereditary and variation of living organisms, the genetic makeup and phenomena of an organism, type, group or organism.

What they do

Geneticists study how genetic diseases are inherited. The knowledge can also be used for the breeding of new crops or livestock.

Specialized genetic physicians diagnose and treat patients with inherited or otherwise genetically influenced health issues.

A clinical geneticist evaluates patients at risk for inherited diseases, like Alzheimer’s disease, and treats inherited disorders such as cystic fibrosis, haemophilia and sickle cell disease. Geneticists also treat different forms of cancer and other abnormal conditions associated with genetic alteration. <>

Modules to expect

Biochemistry, Agricultural Science, Chemistry, Genetics, Statistics, Microbiology, Genetics.

Jobs related to the degree

Immunologist, Genetic Technologist, Cytogeneticist.


Mapping Human History by Steve Olson.

The Journey of Man by Spencer Wells.




Alfred Day Hershey, Barbara McClintock, Cyril Clarke, John F. Kennedy.


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