Emergency Medical Care/Paramedic Services

 Emergency Medical Care/Paramedic Services

Emergency Medical Care/Paramedic Services


The treatment and transport of people in crisis health situations that may be life threatening. Emergency medical support is applied in a wide variety of situations from car accidents to drowning and incidents of heart attack.



Career Description

  • Assess a patient’s condition and determine a course of treatment;
  • Follow guidelines learned in training  or received from physicians who oversee their work;
  • Use backboards and restraints to keep patients still and safe in an ambulance during transport;
  • Help transfer patients to the emergency department of a healthcare facility and report their observations and treatment to the staff;
  • Create a patient care report, documenting the medical care given to the patient;
  • Replace used supplies and check or clean equipment after use. Jobs directly related to the qualification
  • http://www.truity.com/career-profile/emergency-medical-technician-or-paramedic
  • Private Ambulance Paramedic
  • Local Government Paramedic
  • Hospital Paramedic










Emergency Medical Services: Clinical Practice and Systems by David C. Cone

EMS Field Guide by Jon Tardiff, Paul Lesage, Paula Derr


Bursary Opportunities

Netcare, Department of Health, Mediclinic, ER24 Paramedic


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