Biotechnology harnesses cellular and bio molecular processes to develop technologies and products that help improve our lives and the health of our planet.

Modern biotechnology provides breakthrough products and technologies that deal with issues such as fighting harmful and rare diseases, feeding the hungry, using less and cleaner energy and having safer, cleaner and more efficient industrial manufacturing processes. <Biotechnology innovative organisation>

What they do

Biotechnologists modify living organisms to develop new pharmaceuticals and bio fuels. They perform experiments in laboratories. They record data and write reports for leading research biotechnologists at entry level. <>


Jobs directly related to the degree

Research Technician, Lab Technician, Bio-Production Operator, Assistant Lecturer, Biochemist, Quality Control Analyst


Genetech: The Beginnings of Biotech by Sally Smith Hughes

The Antidote: Inside the World of New Pharma by Barry Werth

Invisible Frontiers: The Race to Synthesize a the Human Gene by Stephen S. Hall, James D. Watson


Websites ,


People in Biotech

David Baltimore, William Brody

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