African Languages

 African Languages

African Languages


The study of languages spoken in the African continent.

Career description

  • A translator converts written words from a ‘source’ language into a ‘target’ language.
  • Technical writers take complex technical research data and terminology and translate into understandable text for manuals, documents and published works.

Side note: It is a non-vocational qualification. As you are studying, it would be advantageous if you take extra-curricular activities for example writing for the school newspaper, joining a radio station. All the extra activities you will have done will add to your qualification and you can apply for jobs with the gained experience, so that you can have many options.

Jobs directly related to the qualification

  • Translator
  • Educator
  • Technical Writer
  • Content Creator




Nelson Mandela, Zakes Mda, Sol Plaatjie, Es’kia Mphahlele, J. M. Coetzee


The Power of African Cultures by Toyin Falola

African Languages by Bernd Heine, Derek Nurse


Bursary Opportunities

South African Translators Institute (SATI), Heritage Related Studies Bursary, FUNZA Lushaka Bursaries


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